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Fiona Dann & Briele Hansen

This dynamic duo know how to:

  • find
  • organise
  • action
  • solve
  • sort

Let them create calm from the chaos for you!


Fiona makes things happen. She is a strategic thinker and natural problem solver. She has run her own successful businesses in the film and television industry for 30 years and has mastered the arts of lateral thinking, good communication, organisation and honest hard work.

Fiona gets immense enjoyment from helping people to get things sorted and achieve their goals. She works with a non-judgemental outlook, in collaboration with her clients. She believes that everyone has individual needs which are shaped by unique experiences, and as such tailors her approach accordingly.

Fiona is committed to running an environmentally and socially conscious business. She strongly advocates the practice of refuse, re-use and recycle, as a way of living that reduces landfill and supports local community. She is motivated to provide a service that is accessible to all, and for clients of Be My PA to achieve results that really make a difference.


Briele is a highly creative, action-based team-bee who thoroughly enjoys problem solving, lateral thinking and collaborating with others. She has studied and worked internationally, gaining many years of experience in the creative industries as a technician, stylist and visual artist. Most recently her work in human services with a non-government organisation has given her a deeper understanding of working with people from diverse backgrounds.

Her broad practical and professional skills include administration, copyright, communications, publication production, project management through to design, fabrication, documentation and presentation processes and techniques. At any opportunity, Briele delights in enhancing spaces for living, or working with her hands creating, upgrading or reinventing objects made from almost any material.

Her vision for Be My PA is to bring her natural creative approach to making stuff happen for others – sustainably, with efficiency, mindfulness and a stroke of charming fun.

Both Fiona and Briele have current Working With Children Checks (WWCC).


Location: Guildford, in the heart of Central Victoria, Australia.

Hours: 8 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday.

Weekends: available by arrangement.

  • P.O.Box 967 Guildford, Vic 3451

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