for your LIFE & BUSINESS

We are Personal Assistants who findorganiseactionsolve and sort.

Hiring your very own Personal Assistant means your ‘too hard basket’ gets tackled, your ‘to do’ list gets prioritised,
your chaos gets sorted, and those pesky tasks can finally get finished.

At times businesses need extra support to cover staff on annual leave or during a busy period, or with remote work on a larger project.

Our collective experience across creative, corporate, NGO and government sectors is extensive, and our can do approach, attention to detail
and diligent work ethic will add value and ease to your life and business.

Tricky Business

Sometimes in life we have to deal with difficult, emotional things. Sometimes we are unable to retain information, or know how to take the next step.
Be My PA can provide help communicating and negotiating with personal, professional and government services, such as:

Wakes & Memorials | Medical | Disability | Aged care | Banking & Legal services | Counselling & Social services

We can come to appointments with you; assist you with various forms of communication; gather, file and retain information; get clear on what the next steps are; and assist you through decision-making processes. We can organise paperwork, invitations, presentations, catering, flowers, travel arrangements, accommodation and any of the logistics needed during such difficult times.


Location: Guildford, in the heart of Central Victoria, Australia.

Hours: 8 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday.

Weekends: available by arrangement.

  • P.O.Box 967 Guildford, Vic 3451

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